Beware The Dangers of Fur Carpet at Home

Same thing with plastic carpets, fur rugs also have a variety of dangers that you should be aware of. Fur rugs are sometimes rarely cleaned, there are up to 1 year once a new wash. A study shows that fur carpet is a hive of various types of germs, dust mites, viruses, and bacteria. The germs in the carpet will get worse and more and more if the rug is very rarely washed. Probably because of the heaviness of washing the fur carpet, so most of it just patted it or swept it with a broomstick. In addition, fur rugs are often used as a doormat, often stepped on, and children often vomit or throw dirt on fur rugs. If you keep a pet, then it also gives germs in the carpet becomes more. It is important for you to use to clean your carpet.

All of these germs will certainly lead to a variety of health problems that you are not aware of. The germs in the fur carpet can move and infect humans by inhaling, untouched until consumed with food. Health problems caused by this carpet often occur in children. This is because parents often let their children play on the carpet without worrying or not yet know the dangers of carpet for health. Keep in mind the various dangers of plastic carpets and fur rugs because these two types of carpets are very often used in every home. So, parents should always be careful about the dangers that threaten health. Prevent health threats from the carpet by diligently cleaning your carpet at home. What is certain to prevent disease is better than cure.

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