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Homecare Patients

Homecare is a home patient treatment that involves family members in the patient’s healing and treatment process. This treatment is assisted by a professional health team such as a doctor, nurse or Perawat Indonesia or physiotherapist who can be brought to the patient’s home at any time, if necessary.

Generally, there are several types of homecare patients and some of them are as follows:

– Elderly sufferers (elderly) who are not hospitalized but still require health services.
– Infants / Children with special needs and need special health services for their growth. Examples: Autism, Down Syndrome, ADD / ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorders / Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorders), speech delay, Cerebral Palsy (CP), etc. For parents who are busy working, usually they hand over the care of their children to a special nurse or baby sitter; it is good children are also trained by the developmental therapy therapist such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, if necessary.