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Manual Meat Mincer

Manual meat mincer is used to grind meat manually by moving the handle levers like bike, manual meat mill machine is suitable for use by housewives and small businessmen who grind meat with a small quantity, the use of this tool does not need to use electricity, it, Of course, will save electrical energy and easier to use, the machine is made of stainless steel iron quality and certainly, the meat milling is done by turning the handle and then the meat money will be soft and soft into minced meat, thus processing the food made from The basic ingredients of fine meat will be very easy, the tool can also be used as home appliances housewives, smoothing the meat will be easier with this tool, the machine can also grind various foodstuffs other than meat, such as grind Sweet potatoes and potatoes. Other food ingredients, food processing can be more practical with the tool in your kitchen. Visit our website and find various types of meat mincer.

There are 2 choices of manual meat grinder tool based on the size of the existing grinder machine no. 12 and there are no. 22 grinders are able to grind the meat smooth and soft, making the food from ground meat very easy and the results are satisfactory because the meat is easily formed and can be modified so the food is diverse, manual meat grinder functions the same as automatic meat grinder machine, To smooth the meat how to use this tool is easy to turn the handle that is behind it and then enter the meat through the hole above then the meat will be finely ground, the use of manual grinding tool is very easy and suitable for small-scale businessman, and housewives . Various types of food can be smoothed using this machine such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, cassava, peanuts and many others. The grinder has a supporting feature that is the basic ingredients of the meat grinder tool is made of solid metal cast and strong. Components owned by this grinder tool that is in the form of the body, knife, strainer, screw and also handle that is easy to use.