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Functions Of Health Advocates

The presence of health advocates like the ones from the GNA Now is, indeed, crucial. A health advocate or also known as health advisor is a profession that offers help and advice related to the purpose of improving the health of the clients it faces. The role and function of the main health advisor are to bridge the client’s needs to the business and facilities to achieve the expected level of health through the knowledge, skills, and services it has.

A health advocate will be a source of information and advisory related to planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of various health programs needed by a client.
Having a function as an advisor and a consultant, a health advocate makes it possible to:
– Refer the best doctor, hospital, pharmacy or laboratory for the client.
– Refer the best program for healing or improving client health.
– Recommend the schedule and activity plan related 2 things above that should be taken by the client, etc.