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How to Fix Christmas Tree Lights: Common Issues & Basic Fixes

Are you still encountering issues after following the basic troubleshooting steps? Reach out to your tree manufacturer’s customer service hotlines for further assistance on how to fix Christmas tree lights. Disclaimer: warranties, product coverage, and required documentation vary per manufacturer. Read up on the warranty information. In some cases, a replacement strand, section, or full tree might be ideal. Here are some of the issues that your lighting warranty may cover.

2. Identify your Christmas tree light type.

It’s important to know what light type you’re dealing with before attempting to troubleshoot the issue. There are two general types of Christmas tree lights: traditional incandescent and energy-saving led. The latter comes with a higher price tag but lasts longer. Traditional green artificial trees and colorful ones come with clear and multicolor lights. Colorful trees also feature an option where lights match the foliage.

One key benefit to pre-lit Christmas trees is the time and energy saved in not having to wrap and unwrap light strings around the tree branches. Pre-lit Christmas trees are available with clear or multi-colored bulbs, and if one bulb burns out, the rest will remain lit. Lighting options available:
clear or multicolor incandescent bulbs – traditional glow.

There’s nothing like the sparkle of Christmas tree lights to bring magic to your holiday celebrations. A tree without illumination just seems bare, don’t you think?

Do you prefer the steady glow of traditional lights or an animated display? before you jump into buying and setting up the pre-lit Christmas tree of your dreams, here’s a guide to help you learn more about the different types of Christmas lights.

The Problem: All the Christmas tree lights aren’t working

Well, yesterday, about 7/8 of the lights on our new (as in bought at the end of last year’s Christmas season) tree stopped working. As in most of the tree is dark! So, we called the store where we bought it (a store that sells patio furniture and spas in the summer and trees in the winter), and they said we could either bring it in and they would check the lights, or we could buy a $20 tool that is supposed to somehow check the lights. Our tree has, I’m guessing, between 200-300 ornaments on it! I would look forward to taking them all off and the beads that I’ve tried to artfully arrange.

Color Blast Artificial Christmas Trees

You can even buy colored trees that are prelit. I saw one this year that was rainbow colored.

How to Set Up a Christmas Tree: Getting It Right

People often ask, “where are the fuses on a pre-lit Christmas tree?”
Light set fuse replacement (replaceable 3-amp 125v fuses are located in the plug) 1. Grasp plug and remove from its power source. 2. Locate blown fuse(s) by sliding access cover on top of plug towards prongs. Furthermore, where is the fuse bulb on Christmas tree lights? holiday lights usually have cartridge fuses in a small compartment in the cord plug behind a sliding door.

This pre-lit Christmas tree is a spruce made of high-quality PVC material that adds realness and an authentic look to the tree while also making it anti-crush. It comes in four separate sections, making for a simple setup and making row-by-row fluffing more fun. It comes with 700 pre-lit led lights that are both energy-efficient and long-lasting, and the metal stand provides for a sturdy, foldable base that’ll keep your tree tall and upright while also preventing breakage. You get a festive, long-lasting tree for an affordable price that’ll pay for itself in a few years of regular tree prices alone.

If you normally go for a pine Christmas tree and are unsure whether an artificial one can truly fill the shoes, we encourage you to explore this option. This pre-lit Christmas tree features 600 warm white led lights and 1,440 branch tips for filling out the tree and giving it a realistic look. It includes a folding metal stand and snow-dusted branches for a glowing, speckled look that’s more realistic than traditional. This one is a tall tree at 9ft in height, but if you’ve got the space for it, it’ll dazzle guests and family alike.



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